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Funny, Inspirational, Amazing and Unbelievable!Brad Manuel will have your guests Laughing, Amazed and Totally Inspired with his Inspirational keynote "Show" - That's right it's a "Show" no matter how big or small your audience, Brad Manuel's Inspirational Keynote presentation is delivered as entertainment with an inspirational message!

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As a combination of entertainer and motivator, Brad Manuel is exceptional. Brad has presented his talents to our group of financial advisers on a number of occasions in several different ways. His magic act is amazing and hilarious and his keynote address is absolutely inspiring. Brad has the natural instinct for connection with his audience, as well an extraordinary life experience that lifts listeners out of their seats. He is one of the best!
Charlie Maiden Practice Development Manager - The FinancialLink Group Pty Ltd
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Brad is by far the best entertainer we have used. His ability to interact with all level of team members underlies his significant success. Excellent and so funny, great fun!
Barry Omundson, Cradle Mountain Water
I'm not sure whether to call him a comedian, magician, Inspirational Keynote Speaker or just an amazingly funny entertainer. We have been booking Brad Manuel for over a decade and he always delivers great entertainment every time, from his stage shows for our full conference events to inspiring at our small core group functions. Brad has the ability to entertain anyone in any environment & as an Emcee he can adapt to any situation and help keep our events running smoothly which allows me to relax and gives me great peace of mind
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Put simply it is "Inspirational Entertainment", filled with Humour, Magic and an Amazing Inspirational story … He's an Internationally renowned magician, comedian a self confessed "semi pro surf bum" and a medical anomaly with the most amazing story that will have you laughing, amazed and leave you feeling inspired and uplifted


Told by 3 different specialists that he only had 12 months to live in 2009 due to a rare debilitating degenerative neuromuscular condition that was causing severe muscle atrophy, to the extent he could not even do up shirt buttons or even hold a toothbrush! Sounds bad we know but to look at him you would never know he has to deal with anything! Brad manages this condition daily with his mindset and a daily physical regime this starts from the moment his mind is awakened he is still proving people wrong to this day and he has been called a "medical anomaly" He surfs some crazy waves around the world, he climbs mountains and even does "fun" things like "Tough Mudder" just to push himself. This from a guy who could't even hold a pen or walk properly in 2009! Just to make things interesting he is blind in one eye after an accident when he was 17 and he has titanium clips in "both" of his eyes holding them together… He manages to weave his story in and uses his entertainment skills to highlight things like CHOICES, PERCEPTIONS and PERSERVERANCE He's all about having a P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) and your clients will be too after seeing him.

Topics of relevance include:

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Building Resilience
  • Managing Mental Health/Anxiety and Self Doubt
  • Choices

Topics of relevance Include:

  • Perceptions
  • Inspiration
  • Persistence
  • Humour
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Brad has also created Australia's own Eco-Friendly Sustainable Surf Wear Brand "Not Sponsored" making board shorts from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and using antibacterial bamboo fabric to make "lifestyle" clothing like shirts, hoodies and beanies… Check them out if you are interested in making a difference to our environment!
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